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The Basic Types of Flotec Water Pumps

Published : 10/6/2017 09:41:46

Flotec water pumps are an important product for any aspiring handyman looking to improve the water systems of their house. Whether you are looking for a pump for your sprinkler system, your pool system, or even the water well for your drinking water, you are likely to consider Flotec water pumps at some point along your journey. Approaching water pumps for the first time, though, can leave you with a lot of questions. This guide to water pumps will hopefully answer some of those initial questions by exploring the various types of pumps that Flotec manufactures.

Flotec pumps are organized so that newcomers to pump upgrading and/or replacement can easily distinguish between the different models. This guide will give a summary of what each model does, and the Flotec color code that corresponds to it.

1. Pool Pumps (Purple)

Flotec pool pumps are designed to help filter in-ground pool water and will generally be connected to a series of pipes running to protected drain sumps at the bottom of a pool. Most people are familiar with the appearance of these protected sumps, they are usually capped domes at the bottom of any in-ground pool. Flotec water pumps are designed to be easy to connect, quiet, and energy efficient. Most modern models now have multi-speed modes so that lower speeds can be selected when the pool is experiencing less use.

2. Sewage Pumps (Grey)

Flotec sewage pumps are designed to help pump everyday sewage through a pipe system to a septic tank of some sort. While Flotec sewage pumps are able to handle reasonable residential solid waste, they are not designed for filtration systems, non-residential waste, or continued use. These high-powered pumps are designed to flip on, remove waste, and turn off whenever needed. Flotec also manufactures “effluent pumps” which are designed for smaller volumes of waste.

3. Utility Pumps (Blue)

Utility pumps are submersible, miniature pumps designed to move water from a flooded area. These pumps can be lowered into a small flooded section of basement, for example, and can have a hose attached to pump that water outside to a safe disposal area. These are not designed to filter water or handle water with heavy debris, but rather to remove or transport clean water.

4. Sump Pumps (Red)

Sump pumps are pumps that help prevent basement flooding in homes with rooms that are constructed below the water table level. These pumps sit in a specially designed pit or chamber in or underneath the basement that collects water that would otherwise pool in the basement. The sump pump activates when water reaches a certain volume and then removes the water from the sump basin.

Flotec water pumps use specially designed motors that are surrounded entirely by oil in order to increase the longevity of their submersible devices. They also develop “pedestal” style sump pumps which sit above the water level and use an intake to pump the water in the basin out when it reaches the threshold.

5. Well Pumps (Green)

Well pumps, also known as “jet pumps,” are pumps that help move water from a well to a faucet or other water outlet. Well pumps come in two varieties: shallow and deep/convertible. Shallow well pumps are designed for wells with 25’ or less depth, while deep well pumps are designed for significantly deeper wells. Shallow pumps are much more compact and have the pressure system build directly into the pump. Deep wells have the pressure system within the well to create a water draw into the pump itself.

Because of the great variance in well sizes, as well as variance in pump function at varying altitudes, well pumps tend to come in a variety of strengths (which is measured in horsepower like most engines.) It’s very important to choose a model that fits your needs, as a model that is too strong will, due to how frequently well pumps are active, increase electricity use drastically. A model that is too strong, on the other hand, may not have the strength necessary to reliable deliver water to the residence from the well.

These five types of pumps represent the primary offerings available in Flotec water pumps. Now that you understand what separates each type of pump, you can begin to narrow down your future research to the specific pump types that fit the needs of your situation. Within each type, Flotec offers multiple models, and there is likely a model that will solve the problem you are approaching just right. One word of warning, though, don’t be tempted to use pumps for applications they weren’t designed for, even if it seems fine. Many models have special modifications to make them work correctly for the application they are designed for, but that might impede use in a different situation!

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