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Dust Collection

Dust Collection 

Dust Collection Systems are used for the enhancement of air quality in industrial as well as commercial ventures to enable people to breathe comfortably by removing particulate matter from the surroundings. At our website IndustrialZone, a huge stock is available for various dust collector components including solenoids and enclosures, dust collector repair kits as well as timer boards for dust collection and many more. We have extremely reliable suppliers such as Goyen, Dwyer and Mecair who have an impeccable track record in terms of fast deliveries across the globe and parts of the highest possible quality. Solenoids, timer boards and repair kits are available from Goyen and Mecair. The various dust collector parts from Goyen and Mecair include economizers, nozzles, cable link adapters, solenoids and much more. If you cannot find the item you are looking for or have a question about any of our products Call Us Now!

  • Dust Collector Parts is the best place to shop for dust collectors spare components that you may require in order to fix or replace any existing part. There is a huge stock of components available from heavyweights such as Goyen and Mecair which are world renowned environmental solution providers. The different Mecair and Goyen dust collector parts consist of economizers, valve enclosures, cable link adapters, nozzles and also weather proof enclosures to handle any type of weather conditions and thereby keep your part damage resistant and free from any defects. Another class of enclosures available on this website are the Nema 4 Valve enclosures which are well suited for all non hazardous applications and for pilot diaphragm valves manufactured by Goyen. If you need any help, have questions, or any concerns please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help.

  • Dust Collector Valves
    IndustrialZone Stocks a complete line of Solenoid Valves from trusted manufacturers Asco, Mecair, and Goyen. These valves use line pressure to assist operation so when the coil is de-energized the pilot orifice is closed and line pressure is applied to the top of the piston or diaphragm. When the coil is energized, the core opens the pilot orifice, relieving pressure from the diaphragm or piston. If you need any help with our Solenoid Valves or have any questions please feel free to contact us.
  • Repair Kits

    IndustrialZone provides a complete stock of Repair Kits which can perform the most general tasks required to fix any dust collector. These Valve Repair Kits are supplied by world renowned and highly reliable manufacturers such as Dwyer, Mecair and last but not the least, Goyen, all of whose repair kits such as Goyen diaphragm repair kits, Goyen seal kits and other Goyen valve repair kits are extremely popular. Goyen kits also consist of dresser kits, Goyen Repair Kits and Pilot solenoid valve kits. These repair kits are well known and widely used across all industries whether aerospace, automobile, manufacturing, military, oil, semiconductor and many more. Available for the best prices and best quality, these are unmatched across the world. So, in case of any problems in using these repair kits or any general queries, contact us through our website.

  • Timer Boards has a huge variety of timer boards from highly reputed and world renowned manufacturers such as Dwyer, Goyen and Mecair. For reverse pulse dust collectors, these timer boards are designed to take control of the time intervals and pulse valves i.e. they are timer controllers. There are other functions too such as connecting with particular types of diaphragms such as ‘VEM’ and provide step by step energization in a timely fashion for the pilot solenoid valves along with hydraulic cleaning techniques. These timer boards for dust collection systems have two particularly well known makes viz. the Goyen tbdac and tbddc timer boards. For sequencers, the Mecair sequencers are especially popular and these make the sequential timer to start as soon as the differential pressure for the dust collector reaches gauge high point and stop when it reaches low gauge point. For additional queries about timer boards, kindly contact us through our website.
  • Controllers
    IndustrialZone stocks a wide variety of durable and easy to use Demand Controllers from Goyen manufacturers. These devices typically contain a pressure sensor for monitoring static differential across the filters, an operator display, and an electrical control component that monitors sensor readings and sends signals to a timer board indicating how clean or dirty the filters may be. These Demand Controllers have very flexible designs that allow it to be adapted to many dust collector configurations. Start shopping for your own Demand Controller today and if you need any help or have any questions please contact us.