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Texsteam Inc. which is owned by the worldwide industrial giant GE, manufactures chemical injectors, chemical pumps etc of the highest quality. For many decades since its origin at Corpus Christi, Texas, USA in 1937 it has been the worldwide leader in manufacturing chemical injectors used in oil or gas production. Texsteam distributors handle the worldwide distribution of Texsteam chemical injection pumps. They offer a wide array of electrically and pneumatically operated chemical pumps which are capable of pumping chemicals such as methanol, hydrogen sulphide etc in precise quantity. The complete range of volumes handled varies from 0.05 gallons a day to 2100 gallons an hour. The delivery pressures for Texsteam chemical injectors can even go up to 12000 psi. The popular models for Texsteam electrically driven chemical injection pumps and Texsteam gas driven chemical injectors are the series numbers 2200, 2400 etc. For any queries or assistance regarding Texsteam pumps, feel free to contact us.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 2356 items