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IndustrialZone provides fluid handling equipment for customers and industries offering Air-operated Diaphragm Pumps, Chemical Injection Pumps, Sump Pumps, Effluent Pumps, and Sewage Pumps. IndustrialZone has the right product to meet your specific needs and provides quick shipping worldwide. Please contact us if you need any help in finding a part or have any questions.

  • CAT Pumps
    Cat Pumps are high quality high-pressure piston and plunger pumps. Engineered and created to the utmost standards. Cat Pumps offer a performance range of 1 to 240 gpm and 100 to 10,000 psi, and low life cycle cost. Areas of utilization include; High-pressure applications, Oil & Gas, Misting/Cooling/Fogging, Hydro excavation, Food Processing, Reverse Osmosis, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Vehicle Cleaning, Government & Military, Commercial Cleaning, Pressure Washing, and more. Cat Pumps have highly reliable reciprocating triplex plunger and piston pumps as well as a full line of great accessories. Pumps are available in 316 stainless steel, brass, duplex stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, bronze, and duplex stainless steel.
  • Chemical Injection Pumps has a wide range of options available for chemical injection pumps which are useful for a large number of industries. Among all options, Texsteam chemical injection pumps and Flomore chemical injection pumps are the most popular for their dependability and overall total quality. These irreplaceable Texsteam chemical injectors are designed to make pipelines flow continuously, take care of corrosive particles in natural gas and so many more applications across different industries. Flomore as well as Texsteam pumps are made for durability and have been known to have a consistent track record of very long working lives. The popular models among Texsteam pumps are the 2200, 2400, 2500, 4300, 5000, 6100 models and for Flomore pumps, the 4400, 4420, 4430, 4500, the 50-20 series and the Flomore MPC series always in great demand. Start shopping for Chemical Injection Pumps tailored for your specific need and if you can’t seem to find it or need help please contact us, our specialized representatives will be glad to help you.

  • Chemical Metering Pumps

    LMI provides a wide range of Chemical Metering Pumps for water and wastewater treatment. LMI Pumps which can both be electrically as well as motor operated are available proportional to the fluid flow for many applications and with liquid handling systems for slurries and other chemicals having high viscosities. LMI metering pumps are extremely robust, durable and reliable and are certified by different agencies such as CE, UL/CUL and NSF to be able to withstand the most hellish working conditions possible. Moreover, there is a very high degree of programmability associated with these LMI pumps and accessories such as output alarms, multi function valves and stop functions can be included. If you need any help with LMI chemical metering pumps please contact us, our specialized representatives will be glad to help you.

  • Fuel Transfer Pumps

    Tuthill’s Fill-Rite and Sotera brands are chemical pumps that transfer from standard tanks and provide liquid recirculation, effective chemical transfer, and significant pumping power. They supply AC and DC Chemical Transfer Pumps engineered to transfer farm chemicals, industrial fluids, and professional products. They transfer thin to thick liquids including slurries and encapsulated chemicals. Fill-Rite and Sotera pumps utilize dependable chemical compatible materials of construction with patented design that extend motor life and cut amp draw. These AC heavy duty pumps have all cast-iron construction and provide a wide range of fuel-delivery rates and features; they can be used in installations that are portable or static. They include thermal overload protection, theft resistant enabling, and many options. Models are useable with kerosene, Diesel, E15, gasoline, and bio-diesel.

  • Flotec Pumps
    Flotec provides pumps for water transfer and removal. Also, Flotec offers a wide selection of well pumps, other water pumps, and items for home water systems: Pressure booster pumps, shallow and deep well jet pumps, standard air-over-water pressure tanks, pre-charged bladder tanks, and standard air-over-water pressure tanks; In addition, submersible water pumps. Flotec makes pumps that bring water from groundwater wells into houses. Flotec pumps can be used for Pool and landscaping with products such as pool pumps, larger irrigation pumps, sprinkler pumps, and smaller water transfer pumps. Flotec sewage pumps (for "dirty" water) and effluent pumps (for "grey" water) are quiet and reliable. Flotec has a wide selection of sump pumps and sump systems. Primary sump pumps in pedestal and submersible styles. In addition, battery backup sump pumps to keep crawl spaces, basements, and other areas dry; also for use in bathrooms.
  • Rule Pumps
  • Jabsco Water Pumps & Parts

    Jabsco provides high tech industrial and sanitary pumps. Jabco sanitary pumps fully comply with 3A sanitary standards. Jabsco has heavy-duty pumps that are very easy-to-clean and low-maintenance. Jabsco pumps are used in the bio-pharmaceutical industry and are among the best sanitary pumps in the market place. These pumps can be used for personal care, food, and chemical applications and can process almost all liquids. Jabsco Rotary Lobe pumps are dependable, reliable machines which offer long life in tough situations. These pumps utilize modular construction, using interchangeable parts, and they have a wide variety of seal, port and rotor configurations. Jabsco includes marine waste systems, water systems, engine cooling pumps, and searchlights. Jabsco also offers industrial pumps for hygienic applications, fluid transfer in chemical processing, laboratory, paint processing, plating, and construction. Start shopping for Jabsco Pumps tailored for your specific need and if you can’t seem to find it or need help please contact us, our specialized representatives will be glad to help you.

  • AMT Pumps
    AMT Pumps contain a range of electric and engine driven centrifugal and diaphragm water pumps in cast iron, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum. AMT also manufactures hand and barrel pumps. AMT pumps are used in residential, commercial and industrial situations. AMT pumps have long life in fluid flow and HVAC systems. AMT centrifugal pumps are used for water and chemical transfers. Self Priming Electric Driven Pumps are used in dewatering, irrigation, recirculation, chemical transfer, wash down, boosting, and liquid transfer. Start shopping for AMT Diaphragm Pumps tailored for your specific need and if you can’t seem to find it or need help please contact us, our specialized representatives will be glad to help you.
  • Flojet Water Pumps
    Flojet pumps can “stand up to anything”. They are compact, near silent, and are very dependable. Most Flojet pumps and pump parts are made with Santoprene®, Viton®, or Kalrez® elastomers. They resist corrosion and have high resistance to chemicals. This added corrosion protection means Flojet pump parts don’t wear down quickly, and are a great value. Flojet Pumps AC or DC products including beverage pumps, bottled water dispensers, agricultural pumps, automatic diaphragm demand pumps, pressure boosters, RV pumps, spot sprayer pumps, and water systems. Flojet Pumps produce high quality pumps that use the best technology. Whether you are in search of a Flojet diaphragm pump or various Flojet pump parts, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Air Diaphragm Pumps and Parts
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items